Sample p90x Phase 1 Level 1 Diet

Here is a sample phase 1, level 1 diet I made up recently for a client! Hopefully it helps give you some ideas!



post workout: 1 cup of chocolate milk, fat free, or p90x results and recovery formula


Breakfast(45minutes later):



1 cup of fat free milk

1 scoop protein powder

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 small scoop of natural peanutbutter



Snack 1:

Bar (clif builder, promax, or p90x bar)



Turkey sandwich:

sliced turkey lunch meat(look for low sodium) 20g of protein worth

2 slices of whole grain or whole wheat bread(check ingredients that the FIRST ingredient is 100% whole wheat). For a bonus get a bread that has added fiber.

1 slice of low fat or no fat cheese, or a fat free string cheese on the side

Side of veggies, your choice


Snack 2:

1 cup of fat free plain greek yogurt(make sure it’s the kind with no added sugar)

3 sliced strawberries

1/4 cup of whole grain cereal(like kashi go lean)

1/2 packet of stevia sweetner, or splenda


1 handful of unsalted nuts(almonds, cashews, pistachios)



1 large chicken breast(for recipe, go here)

1/2 cup of brown rice


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